Wally “World” Szczerbiak

What is it with Cleveland and its shooters.  Wally Szczerbiak, an 8 year veteran, has a career avg FG% of 48.8, 3P% of 40.6 and a 15.3 PPG.  In the 01-02 season, starting in all 82 games for Minnesota, he averaged 38 MPG, 40.8% FG, 45.5% 3P and 18.7 PPG.  So why is it in Cleveland that for 10 games he is at 31.8% FG, 36.6%3P and 10.5 PPG?

Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon Journal commented that during the Portland game “he played lots of minutes but didn’t get many shots and it looked like he was getting frozen out a bit.  I think the fact that he takes so many shots gets on some of his teammates nerves.”  In watching the game I was thinking the same thing.  It was LBJ and DJ down the stretch to the point of looking like a game of keep away.  I like the enthusiasm that Wally brings to the game.  He is quick, strong and wants to win.  With Sasha coming back, Boobie on the horizon and the team needing to move towards a more solid rotation as the playoffs arrive I hope that Mike Brown doesn’t “freeze” out Wally World.

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