Varejao, Cavaliers Need to Settle Their Differences

This is a great article by Brian Windhorst about the drama between the Cavaliers and Anderson Varejao.

Varejao and his agent Dan Fegan broke their silence yesterday and spoke to ESPN about their contract negotiation with the Cavs.

Varejao was quoted as saying: “It’s gotten to the point that I don’t want to play there anymore. I’m just hoping for a sign-and-trade at this point. . . . I’m willing to go and play in Europe if that’s what it takes. I know it’s a risk and I’ll be a restricted free agent next year, but at least I’d be happy. I don’t think I’ll be happy in Cleveland knowing that I was the lowest-paid player there for three years and am still paid much less than players on the team that I outperform. Life’s too short to be unhappy.”

According to Brian, the sign and trade option that Varejao now wants has been on the table since July. But getting it done is complicated and most teams have their rosters set and their payrolls set. Also, no team is ready to pay Varejao the amount of money he is asking for.”The plain reality is that this has become like a factory strike, the management feels demands are too high and the union member feels he’s a poor little guy not being treated fairly.” Brian said in his article.

Anderson and his agent tried to bring Lebron James into the mix and how unhappy he is that the Cavs are not getting him the help he needs.

“LeBron wants Andy back.” a source told ESPN. “He wants him to get a fair deal. I think his frustration isn’t with Andy, it’s with the fact that for the past two years, he’s been waiting for more help and he hasn’t gotten it. This is just a step in the wrong direction.”

“And bringing LeBron James into it, as many have, is shallow-minded and shortsighted.” Brian said. “The Cavs are expected to put a better team around LeBron, better than the team that was swept in the NBA Finals last June and better than the one they have now. They have three years to do it and it is a challenge that will always be there.”

“No matter what happens, there will always be people who will question whether James wants to stay. No matter what free agent the Cavs are talking to, it will be portrayed as a reason for James to stay or leave. This summer’s Varejao is next summer’s Daniel Gibson, who will be a restricted free agent then. This is what it is to have a star on your team in the NBA in modern era and it isn’t changing anytime soon.

What does need to change is the attitudes. Instead of getting creative in fighting to win the public relations battle, the two sides need to get creative to resolve their differences, otherwise it will continue to be just painful.”

Sources: ESPN, Akron Beacon Journal

Published by Luke Ross

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