LeBron James Doesn’t Get Calls Anymore

Craig Lyndall from BC Sports writes “I know it sounds like a load after last season’s unofficial rules, where if you breathed near LeBron a foul was called. But pay attention when I tell you that something is going on.”

Apparently the Cleveland Cavaliers and coach Mike Brown feel the same way too. Brown, a coach who is known for not showing too much emotion, has amassed three technical fouls in the last few games. It probably isn’t all that coincidental that this realization coincides with games against the Miami Heat, where Dwyane Wade is still getting some serious foul-calling benefit of the doubt.

And Mike Brown is now so sick and tired of the non-calls that he is shipping videos of offending circumstances to the league offices.

I say good for Mike Brown. Especially in the Miami Heat game, LeBron was taking shots from lots of guys and not getting calls. This play, in particular, LeBron scores the layup, got hit in the face by Alonzo Mourning and nothing was called.
Now don’t get me wrong. I really like the new rules about complaining about whistles. Even as a Clevelander, the LeBron face was starting to become infamous as he was whining more and more about every call. The new rules have reduced these moments almost to non-existence.

But there has to be a balance where a great player like LeBron can get some of these calls when he is blatantly hacked. We know the referees are capable. After all, Wade is still getting them.”


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