Team USA Roster

LeBron James spot was reserved since September when USA Basketball Managing Director Jerry Colangelo offered him a major role. “He’s always been a lock to make the final roster of 12 that heads to Japan for the World Championships next month” according to Brian Windhorst of the ABJ.

“I wasn’t sweating, but it makes it a lot more fun when you’re with a great team,” James told the Associated Press before leaving Las Vegas for a break until Monday.

“Guys were great coming here and not having a personal agenda.”

So who will make the roster. According to Brian, “Some have speculated Krzyzewski could start Wade, James and Anthony together, along with Arenas or Paul at point guard and Brand at center.

Others have speculated James might be valuable off the bench with defenders Bowen or Battier as a starter, though that would be surprising.” Don’t think so!!!

who ever make the starting lineup, it will be very interesting to watch how the LeBron will fit into all this. Mike Brown should be watching and taking notes.

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