Shoot Boobie Shoot

Daniel Gibson set a new record for the Rookies All Star Challenge with 11 3-pointer. Boobie walked away with an MVP award.

He lead the NBA’s sophomore stars to a 136-109 victory.

Gibson will compete in the 3-point shootout Saturday, and will be hard to beat if he shoots the way he did.

“My confidence will be high from tonight and hopefully I didn’t use them all up,” Gibson said.

Lebron James had a court side seat and was screaming for Boobie after every three he made. One time he walked all the way to the scorer’s table.

“Every shot I made, I pointed to him, or I saw him doing something over there,” Gibson said. “It’s kind of like the chemistry we got on the floor. Just the way we’re supportive of each other, that big brother-little brother type of thing.”

“Once he gets in the zone, once he hits two or three, he gets it going. He hit 11 tonight,” said Durant, who like Gibson played at Texas. “I’m very happy for him. He went from a second-round pick to win an MVP in the rookie-sophomore game.”

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