Scott Pollard To Wear Number 66 For The Celtics

Who cares about what number a player like Scott Pollard wear? Most Cavaliers fan don’t even know what number he wore for the Cavaliers. But a Celtics reporter asked Scott Pollard why he chose to wear number 66 for his new team, and he got this to say:

“Because all the other fuc**** numbers were taken here.”

Pollard had some other mildly amusing things to say about KG and Reggie Miller, both of which he “hated” to play against:

“In my career I’ve learned that there are certain players you hate to play against, and Reggie is one of those guys. Even though I didn’t guard him I hated the guy. On a side note, I’ve always hated playing against Kevin Garnett, too.”

Source: The Association Blog

Published by Luke Ross

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