Scot Pollard on Donaghy and his Future

Scot Pollard can’t say that he particularly liked referee Tim Donaghy, but then again there are a lot of referees that Pollard doesn’t like.  “I could say I don’t like him that much, but there’s a long list of refs I don’t like very much,” said Pollard who played last season with the Cavaliers.  “I can’t single him out for any specific trait except he’s one of the guys you can’t joke with, can’t talk to.”

Pollard who along with his wife, two daughters and a third on the way doesn’t expect to return to Cleveland next season.  “I haven’t heard from them,” he said of the Cavaliers.  There have been a few leads from other teams.  Pollard thinks he might be a better fit for a Western Conference team.  “Cleveland was a great experience going to the Finals, but also the style ended up a halfcourt style.  Mostly, I just want to be warm.”

Source: KUsports

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