Say What?

Here’s Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James …
) On how many Valentine’s Day marriage proposals each has received over the years:
Garnett: “I got quite a few. Both male and female. Everybody likes something.”
James: “Thousands. … I’ve never received one from a man.”
) On which celebrity each would like to trade places with for a day:
Garnett: “It wouldn’t be no celebrity, I’ll tell you that. It’s kind of good to go someplace and enjoy the place you’re at.”
James: “I’m not sure. I’m comfortable with being LeBron James right now.”
) On whose performance was better — Garnett’s in adidas commercials or James’ in Nike ads:
Garnett: “I didn’t have a chance to dance. He got to dance in his. I didn’t have a chance to show off my dancing skills. I’m pretty nice when it comes to the moves.”
James: “Of course, Nike. He did a great job, though. I think both of them came out pretty great.”

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