Ron Artest now wants to stay

Ron Artest doesn’t want to be traded by the Pacers after all, his agent says. Artest said last weekend that his past in Indiana haunts him, and he is interested in being traded to the Knicks or Cavaliers. But Mark Stevens, Artest’s agent, told the Associated Press on Saturday that Artest holds out hope he can remain with the Pacers.

I don’t know about you, but Majic Johnson and Charles Barkley’s comments last Thursday night during the Cavaliers and Nuggets nationally televised game helped to remind me that with Artest the Pros probably do not outweigh the Cons. Majic talked about how with Artest this next contract will be his last in the NBA if he does not get his act together. And Charles talked about how Ron would corrupt any young team and that there are only 3-5 teams in the league that should even be talking about trading for Artest. And finally from our own favorite Austin Carr – no way do I want that knucklehead.

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