Below is a Q&A from Friday’s Cleveland PD that you might have missed.

Q: What is the purpose of professional athletes having a “entourage” or “posse?” Do all athletes have one? Is a posse more prevalent in the NFL, NBA or major league baseball? – Richard Norman, Fairview Park

A: Posse members are friends of the athlete, people he likes and trusts. They keep him company at home and on the road, run errands, keep him amused, screen phone calls, protect his privacy and act as court jesters, philosophers, bodyguards and advisers. In return, they enjoy the reflected glory that comes with being confidants of the athlete. Posses are most prevalent in the NBA, where the travel is continuous and erratic, and where the athletes have the gaudiest salaries. Juan Gonzalez, former Indians outfielder, was one of the few baseball players with an entourage. NFL players, who are on the road only eight weekends a year, seldom have an entourage.

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