Pavlovic and Varejao Ticking

According to Deveny’s SportingBlog he thinks there are four pretty good free agents out there, Bucks guard Charlie Bell, Warriors small forward Mickael Pietrus and our very own Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic.

Deveny adds some insight into why neither have received a contract offer.  “If a player comes looking for an offer and he’s restricted, you know that if you make a good, fair offer, the guy’s team is just going to match it,” says one executive.

Deveny thinks the most interesting case involves Andy and Sasha.  Despite Danny Ferry coming off an NBA finals run, “he has been a bit puckish”, unable to trade his way into the draft and failing to move power forward Drew Gooden and no free agency signings.  This can make for a summer hotter than the weather may supply.

The Cavaliers are about $5 million away from the luxury tax without Varejao and Pavlovic so more than likely they will be paying that if they want to keep both.  And what happens if he forces both to one year qualifying offers?  Next year could be a mass departure when Daniel Gibson also becomes a free agent. 

Source:  Sportingnews

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