Which team’s arena is the most intimidating to play in as a visitor?


Which team’s arena is the most intimidating to play in as a visitor?

Jazz’s (Energy Solutions Arena)           20%
Spurs’ (AT&T Center)                           18%
Pistons’ (The Palace of Auburn Hills    13%
Knicks’ (Madison Square Garden)       8%
Kings” (ARCO Arena II)                       6%

Based on a survey of 242 NBA players

Source:  Sports Illustrated

Which NBA Coach would you least like to play for?


Which NBA coach would you least like to play for?

Pat Riley                   28%
Scott Skiles               12%
Jerry Sloan               12%
Isiah Thomas           12%
Phil Jackson             4%

Players could not vote for their own coach.  Based on a survey of 242 NBA players

Source:  Sports Illustrated

The Deal with Kidd Trade

The news were all over the net and media yesterday that Kidd was going back to his original team. By day end Wednesday, the deal was blocked.

Apperantly, Dallas Mavericks forward Devean George excercised his rights to block the deal and he did.

But according to sources, the deal will still happen. “I don’t think the trade is going anywhere,” George said, “I think it’s right there, but it’s kind of messed up how all the fingers are pointing at me.”George wanted to wait for his agent Mark Bartelstein to arrive from Chicago to hear all the details involved before making a binding decision.The deal would have sent point guard Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, center DeSagana Diop, guard Maurice Ager and George. Cash inducement of $3 million and two future first-round picks.

The Nets would give Jason Kidd and forward Malik Allen.
Lebron James on the deal:

It’s well know that Lebron James was hoping against all hopes that the Cavaliers from office could pull off a miracle to land Jason Kidd in Cleveland.

“No, I’m not disappointed, can’t you see it in my face?” James said, staring ahead as if someone had told him his dog died.

“Of course I wanted him to be part of our team but if we couldn’t get him I am glad he is out of the East. I hope he does well for that franchise. He’s a great player and a great leader.”

“I think the [front office] probably has been trying to do some things, I don’t know,” James said. “We all know we need to get better, that is simple. To me, I want to win now I don’t want to sit around and wait. Sometimes you have to.”

Is Mike Miller still an option?

The Memphis Grizzlies are having a fire sale. All veterans must go. No offer to low. Sale ends February 21st.  Jokes aside, the Grizzlies are purging their roster of costly veterans. Current ownership wants to sell, so player salaries will continue to be cut to attract potential buyers.   Of course, Damon Stoudamire was recently bought-out. And Pau Gasol was wrapped in a bow and given to the L.A. Lakers for a measly package of picks, prospects, and expiring contracts.

Reports indicate that Cleveland and Miami are angling for Memphis sharpshooter Mike Miller.   The Cavaliers aren’t getting Jason Kidd. They lack the assets to offer New Jersey, so they’ve turned their attention to Miller. His range would punish opposing defenses for double or triple-teaming LeBron James.   Shaq is out. The Matrix is in. And the Heat’s makeover continues. Pat Riley, also known as the oil-slick, likes Miller’s range, but is hesitant about acquiring the remaining two years and 19 million dollars on his contract. Still, Miami is interested because they must surround Dwyane Wade with more talent before he can use his early opt-out clause.   Either way, Miller will be moved. After all, the deals are fast and furious during Memphis’ fire sale.

Source:  Hoopsvibe.com

Barkley loses 400K in Super Bowl

By now we’ve all heard about Charles Barkley and his affinity for gambling, and if this recent interview with Jim Rome is any indication, he’s still way too into this expensive hobby. Here he blames the ESPN experts for convincing him to change his bet on the Super Bowl, thus costing him “about $400,000.”
You have to love how forthcoming Barkley is with information like this, but man, $400 large? I don’t care who you are, that’s a ridiculous amount of money, and if Charles isn’t careful, it won’t be long before he ends up like Latrell Sprewell.
Source:  AOL.COM

Travel, Injuries stack up against Cavs

The Cavaliers short trip to Orlando has gotten even shorter.

The Cavs were scheduled to depart Hopkins International Airport on Sunday evening, following their loss to the Denver Nuggets. But due to mechanical problems with the Cavaliers plane, their departure was delayed until today.

The team is scheduled to travel to Orlando this morning and is scheduled to arrive in the early afternoon for tonight’s 7 p.m. game against the Magic.

How many players are available for tonight’s game is another issue. Guard Daniel Gibson (strained right hamstring), power forward Drew Gooden (right groin strain), center Zydrunas Ilgauskas (back spasms), and guard Damon Jones (right ankle sprain) will all be evaluated before the game before their status is determined. Gooden has missed three straight games and Gibson has missed two. Ilgauskas and Jones were injured against the Nuggets.

Sasha Pavlovic (left midfoot sprain) and Anderson Varejao (left ankle sprain) remain out with their injuries.

Source:  The Plain Dealer

Blowout in Cleveland

Apparently LeBron was frustrated with the injuries and lack focus and energy from the Cavs.  At one point in the game James sat down on the bench away from the rest of the team during a timeout.  Damon Jones said something to LeBron, that went unanswered.
”I just think in those situations we have to stick together,” Jones said after the game. ”Something had to be said at that point. No big thing.’  Well the score said enough as the Cavs went on to lose 113-83 over the visiting Denver Nuggets.  Eric Snow couldn’t buy a basket and the Cavs were doomed from the very start.

Local Media Reaction

Bad gets worse for Cavs

Cavs humiliated at home by Nuggets

National Media Reaction

Anthony’s 27 leads Nuggets over Cavs

Is Next Year Too Late?

Brian Windhorst from the Akron Beacon Journal said he took some heat for what some readers think of his defending of Danny Ferry.  He goes on to write:

They could get both Pau Gasol and Jason Kidd. Shaquille O’Neal and Mike Bibby at the same time. Andre Miller, Mike Miller and even Shawn Marion together fit the parameters, too.

In theory, the Cavaliers realistically have the bullets to get them all. Which is exactly what fans desperate for help for LeBron James want to hear. But here’s what they don’t: None of it is probably going to happen now.

The NBA trading deadline is less than two weeks away, and it isn’t that General Manager Danny Ferry has decided to stand pat, it has been decided for him. As of this moment, the Cavs just don’t have what other teams want. But it won’t always be that way.

The only young player the Cavs have that is desired by the rest of the league is Daniel Gibson, who James calls his younger brother.

He is not going anywhere. Other than James, the player teams would want the most in a trade is Anderson Varejao, and he cannot be traded under league rules.

The largest expiring contract the Cavs have is $3.4 million and belongs to Ira Newble, who actually has been indispensable recently with the Cavs’ multiple injuries. Even then, it’s not that much money to pick up a major piece. Short of a collapse, the Cavs’ draft pick next June will not be in the lottery so that’s hardly attractive.

Now, pretend you are Ferry calling around and try to get Kidd or someone of his caliber with those facts not in question. He’s certainly tried and will continue to do so, but so far there just don’t seem to be any bites.

So how can it be said they have bullets? Well, just take a little look into the near future, the 2008-09 season when the Cavs will have about $35 million in potentially expiring contracts. The deals of Donyell Marshall ($5.9 million), Eric Snow ($7.3), Damon Jones ($4.5), Drew Gooden ($7.1) and Cedric Simmons ($1.7) will all be in their final seasons. Varejao ($5.7) has a player option that he plans on not picking up, and it is the final fully guaranteed year of Sasha Pavlovic’s ($4.5) deal.

Which means the Cavs will be in position to help a team with a star or a midlevel player looking to rebuild. And there are always teams in that position. In the last year alone, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat have dumped All-Stars for rebuilding reasons.

Whether or not it will happen in the summer or during the season next year, some or all of those players will be traded and largely for their contracts. For who will depend on circumstances and Ferry’s foresight and patience.

They will be vitally important moves because how Ferry uses those contracts to remake the roster will largely determine what the team looks like in 2010 when James’ contract is up. Until then, though, it’s probably just going to be scheming and watching to see what unfolds.

The Cavs might well be able to pull off a minor deal by Feb. 21, but it looks like the blockbuster is going to have to wait.

Source:  Ohio.Com