One writers view of the Nuggets Vs. Cavaliers

Cub Buenning from slam online doesn’t think too highly of the Cavaliers.  He goes on to say  “Monday nights game marked the 8th head-to-head match-up between the forever linked LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony (remember Melo missed one of last year’s games due to his inability to get along with Nate Robinson, Marty Collins, and the Knicks) Despite a statistical advantage belonging to LeBron, Melo’s team has now won 7 of the 9 games since the two came into the league. This difference can be widely attributed to the “hands’ dealt to both of the players.  Their NBA Finals appearance aside, this Cavs’ roster is just far inferior from top to bottom. Try and argue that Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Daniel Gibson are a stronger supporting cast than Allen Iverson (who is still the toughest defensive assignment in the league, eh Boobie?), Nene/Kenyon, and Marcus Camby?  I have to side with those “experts” that had Jake in knots the other day, when I say that the Cavs might not make the playoffs. Is the East that bad? Z moves like my 62-year-old father (who still has mad game, by the way.)
To his credit, LeBron battled hard tonight in front of a sellout crowd on his way to 27 points, but the game’s inability to be competitive rendered him to extra minutes on the bench.  To be honest, Ira Newble was Cleveland’s second best player Monday night in Denver. The Miami of Ohio product, who cut checks in the past from the IBL, CBA, and the pro league in Cyprus before sticking with Cleveland, finished with a solid 17 to go along with 8 boards. Little used Shannon Brown was the only other Cav in double figures, as he was able to get to 12 with extended garbage time minutes.”

Source:  Slam Online

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