NBA Referee Donaghy under Investigation

The FBI is investigating veteran NBA referee Tim Donaghy for allegedly betting thousands of dollars on games he worked the past two seasons and possibly unduly influencing their outcome.

An NBA assistant coach who spoke Friday on the condition of anonymity said he was “shocked’’ by the allegations, in part because Donaghy has a solid reputation in coaching circles.  Donaghy called a total of 131 regular season and 20 playoff games the last two seasons.

 Washington Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan was fined $25,000 for comments he made about the referees during his team’s tense first-round playoff series loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006.

No referee, umpire, linesmen or other in-game official has ever been arrested or indicted for point-shaving or match-fixing in the history of the four major sports in North America but several match-fixing scandals involving referees have occurred in international soccer.

Source:  Albany Democrat – Herald

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