Mike Brown on the Hot Seat

Mike BrownBased upon the past history of winning the NBA Coach of the Year award, and the shortcomings, thus far in the playoffs, Mike Brown has to start thinking if history will repeat itself should the Cavaliers not win the NBA Championship this year.

Coach   Year Award Won Team   Year Let Go

Rick Carlisle  2001-2002  Detroit   2003

Mike D’Antoni 2004-2005  Phoenix  2007

Avery Johnson 2005-2006  Dallas   2008

Sam Mitchell  2006-2007  Toronto  2009

Byron Scott  2007-2008  New Orleans  2009

Mike Brown  2008-2009  Cleveland  ??

As you can see, most of the coaches were given 1 year after they won the award to continue to coach the team to a higher level, and none were able to do this.  With this in mind, if the Cavaliers can not get by Boston, let alone into the NBA Finals, will Mike Brown be the next man to win this prestigious award, yet will find himself unemployed because he could not duplicate his regular season success into the post season.

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