Metro Cafe – The Place To Be

Table 17 in the saloon side of the Metropolitan Cafe is the best perch in all of Cleveland for people watching, especially on a late summer day, locals insist.

But it’s a tough seat to snag. Floor to ceiling windows look out on West 6th and St. Clair in the buzzing downtown Warehouse District.

“It’s the hottest corner in the city and this is the best bar, bar none,” said banker Ken Ake, who was sharing Oregon pinot noirs with a stunning woman, no doubt discussing Fed policy and the melting mortgage loan market.
In many bars, pro athletes often huddle by themselves in a corner, behind a heavily guarded velvet rope. At the Metro, King James — aka LeBron of the Cleveland Cavaliers — drops by after a game and prefers the view from Table 17.

“He’s friendly and approachable and doesn’t drink,” she said. “And when the Yankees are in town to play the Indians, shortstop Derek Jeter and catcher Jorge Posada are in every night and very cool.”

When Denzel Washington was in town shooting a movie, he’d come in for a nibble and to chase his thirst.

“Simply one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” Angela said.

Other drop-ins: U2, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld — the list goes on

Source:   Colorado Springs Business Journal

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