Men Among Boys

The Cavaliers looked no doubt amazing yet again Tuesday night holding the Detroit Pistons to a max of 18 points a quarter through the first 3 stints.

 LeBron James looked as if he was at the playground, doing whatever he wanted when he wanted. Mo Williams shook off his first game gitters and was sinking shot after shot while James took his regular early 2nd quarter blow.

“It was beautiful.” Mo said. The Cavs took what seemed an insurmountable 27 point lead into the fourth quarter. 

The entire starting lineup seemed to be done for the night except Delonte West  who stayed out to man the second unit, when things turned and they turned quickly.

The Pistons second unit led by Will Bynum, nailed a flurry of shots and brought the team all the way back to within 7 when the inevitable happened, the Cavs big boys had to check back in and finish what they started. T

he Cavaliers pushed the lead back up to 16 before finishing the game 94-82. “We lost our focus,” Williams said. “We all knew it, but it’s nothing to get overly concerned about. I don’t think it will happen again.”

The Cavalier starters have just simply dominated that of the Pistons outscoring them by 53 points in the first 2 games. James finished up this game with 29 points 13 rebounds and 6 assists dispute missing most of the 4th quarter. Mo Williams added 21 and Delonte West hit the 20 mark as well.

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