LeBron tips the scales

Brian Windhorst reports that ESPN analyst Jon Barry, who was in town to work Wednesday’s game against the Chicago Bulls, said on ESPN radio that LeBron James recently weighed in at more than 270 pounds. When he came into the league six years ago, James weighed 240 pounds and currently the roster lists him at 250. But last season James let it slip that he was 260, though he quickly took it back after it raised eyebrows.

Playing power forward for both Team USA and now for the Cavs, it would seem reasonable that James bulked up a bit in preparation, though maybe not to more than 270. It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down; his body fat is around 5 percent. But James is admitting nothing.

“What, 270? No, that’s not true,” James said. “It’s a rumor; I don’t like rumors.”


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