Lebron James Represents The Future

Lebron James will be one of the 11 atheletes appearing on the cover of ESPN magazine to be released tomorrow.

The magazine will feature on one cover athletes who represent the past 10 years. One the other side five more athletes who represent the next 10 years.

Lebron James is featured on the outermost cover followed by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young, Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby, and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

This is Lebron’s fith appearance on the cover of ESPN magazine. Only Michael Jordan and Barry Bonds (seven each) and Kobe Bryant (six) have had more cover appearances.

“By the time it’s over, he’ll be on the cover more than any athlete we’ve had on the cover,” said David Cummings, the magazine’s senior deputy editor.

Published by Luke Ross

Luke Ross, is the founder of CavsNews.com. Luke grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Luke arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.