Lebron James Partying In Miami, Releasing a New Album

Lebron James was spotted partying at The 400 Club at The Fifth on Friday night.

James was with friends and teammates and music exec Steve Stout. Apparently the word is Lebron is releasing a music album in the fall.

From MiamiHerald.com:

“According to a witness, James was in the VIP suite with some friends and teammates. He was also with music exec and urban marketing guru Steve Stout, because word is that James has an album dropping in the fall. On Saturday, James was seen in the VIP area of dek23, surrounded by bottles of Cristal and partying with his friends until closing time.

James clearly made his South Beach rounds, hanging in SkyBar’s Redroom on Thursday night, where he sat a few tables away from Mark Wahlberg and his entourage. James was with his friends and a sizable security team who looked on as James sat at his table, ”nodding his head to the music most of the night,” says a spy.”

Published by Luke Ross

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