LeBron is greeted by Fan

For those of you that watched LeBron’s MVP performance at the Garden Tuesday night, you may have noticed a fan run onto the court at the end of the game.  According to Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon Journal, “I was just a few feet away when the fan came out of the stands.  He was wearing a LeBron jersey and his eyes were just so wide.  He was obviously in awe.  Now, it is not good that a kid was able to get all the way across the court and into the Cavs huddle before being caught, but he never appeared to be a danger.  The way LeBron embraced him, I thought for a moment that they knew each other.  Here’s what he said about it:
“That was a great feeling, he told me he loved the way I played.  I respect him and his pride.”
On whether LeBron has ever though about playing for the Knicks:  “No, that might be worse that that fan running out on the court.”

LeBron on whether he’s ever thought of leaving the Cavs: “You don’t think about it, I am in a great situation.  I am home, my family gets to see me play, the organization has been nothing but great to me, I have no reason to think about going anywhere else at this point.”
Source:  Ohio.Com

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