LeBron Can’t See Himself Being a Knicks

“It’s obligatory for New York writers to ask LeBron James if he would consider New York when he becomes a free agent at the end of his rookie contract in two more years. But it’s impossible to imagine him ever reuniting with Larry Brown after his experience under the Knicks’ coach at the 2004 Olympics.” Greg Logan, Staff Writer of Newsday.com writes.

“Not only did the U.S. finish with a bronze medal, but “The Chosen One” also spent most of his time on the bench.

“It was difficult not playing, never being in that position before,” James said last night before the Cavaliers’ 92-84 loss to Brown and the Knicks. “To go far away from home and not be able to play the game that I love was difficult.

“I handled it the best way that I could. When I was put into the game, I produced, and that’s all I could ask for myself.”

Asked what kind of relationship he has with Brown, James indicated it’s nonexistent.

“That’s over and done with,” James said. “I’ve moved on, and he’s moved on.”

James never understood what Brown wanted from him in Athens.

“I was kind of air-headed,” James said. “I was put into a situation where I didn’t have a clear mind about it. That’s my fault also, not knowing what I was getting myself into.”

There was speculation last spring that Brown was in line to become president of the Cavaliers, but James said he never discussed it with owner Dan Gilbert. As for the free-agency question, Knicks fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

“That’s so far down my path,” James said, “I can’t even see it.”

Published by Luke Ross

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