Lebron a Bull? Don’t think so…

Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune gives his opinion on Lebron’s declining numbers.

“Perhaps no team ever—certainly no team today—is wasting a talent as great as James’ with a conservative game plan that seems so out of step with the way the game is changing.”

“The big reason appears to be the coaching and management philosophy of Brown and general manager Danny Ferry, who were groomed in San Antonio along with Cavs assistant Hank Egan.

It’s what you might call the Kyle Orton basketball philosophy.

It states you don’t let your offense beat you. Be conservative, don’t turn the ball over, don’t give up fast breaks that speed the game and your defense will eventually make enough plays to win the game. The Cavs’ defense has improved, though defense usually does in a slower style.”

“It’s also early in James’ career, though so much is expected. He was smart to sign a short extension and give himself an out as a free agent after the 2009-10 season. It’s also the season Ben Wallace’s contract comes off the books for the Bulls, who then should have the ability to bid for a great player who may be unsatisfied with his team and looking to move to a major market for more exposure.”
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