Larry Hughes Stirs Up media in Chicago

It didn’t take much for Hughes to make Bulls fans and Chicago media realized what they’ve got in this trade.

The Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Carol Slezak, writes:
“Just when you thought the season couldn’t get any worse, the Bulls hit have hit a new low. As if the weekend losses to the Wizards and Cavaliers weren’t bad enough, newcomer Larry Hughes decided to elaborate on his time in Cleveland. I wish he hadn’t.”

Carol is refering to Hughes comment to Lisa Salter before the game Sunday at the Q.

“Say what you will about Ben Wallace, whose contract essentially was swapped for Hughes’ contract, but at least the big guy cared about winning. At least he was proud of his championship ring. In Hughes, the Bulls have a $12 million-a-year player who couldn’t care less about winning. In fact, winning made Hughes unhappy.”
Hughes on his bad shot selection:

Lebron James called Hughes a “high-volume shooter” following the Cavaliers’ win on Sunday.

“I don’t know what that meant or the context around it,” Hughes said with a laugh Monday at the Berto Center. “But I shot 20 times and he shot 29. And I played more minutes.”

Hughes also respnded to the bad shot selection during his time in Cleveland:
“I think I definitely forced some shots because I wasn’t getting an opportunity to get easy shots,” he said. “When there are not any plays run for you, you tend to force some things to get yourself going. I definitely think I tried to force the issue to get going and make them see that I can score.”

Published by Luke Ross

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