Larry Hughes Ejection

Larry Hughes ejection last night with 5 minutes into the first quarter surprised most of us. He was asked about it after the game. It appeared Carmelo Anthony was hitting him on the arm whenever he took a jump shot and the referees were not responding

Here’s what he said:

“I said what I had to say and it’s over with. I got hit four straight times and I asked him to call a foul. Melo kept smacking my arm. He was trying to get away with it, on the first shot he fell and then smacked me on the leg and that started it off. It’s a good tactic if you can get away with it. You have to be allowed to say something about it. Any time you get ejected it’s over the top. You say what you have to say. I am not going to drag it on, I want to move on.”

Source: Brian Windhorst Blog

Published by Luke Ross

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