Kidd and James?

Ian Thomsen from SI.Com has an interesting article about Jason Kidd:

It would be wrong to say that Kidd’s ambition to play for a contender puts the Nets in a weak position. Just the opposite: His desire to compete makes him worthy of the $19.7 million he’s making this year and the $21.4 million he is owed next season.

He knows he could be a highly attractive prize at the February trade deadline for a team hoping to copy the recent moves of Denver and Boston: The Nuggets acquired Allen Iverson and the Celtics landed Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett by surrendering potential talent and appealing contracts in return.

The Cavaliers would be an obvious candidate for Kidd, as LeBron has made no secret of his desire to play at a faster tempo with an upgrade at point guard. After a five-point win at Indiana on Sunday, James said of the Pacers: “I think [coach Jim] O’Brien has definitely put them in a position to win ball games because they run up and down. They have the athletes to do that, and they have the point guard that’s going to lead them. I like what I’m seeing.”

Kidd would provide the leadership while pushing the ball. The difficulty for Cleveland would come in assembling a package to acquire him. As intriguing as it may be, the odds of Kidd moving to Cleveland appear slim.

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