Kevin Garnett and Lebron James Lead the NBA All-Star

The first returns of 2008 NBA All-Star Balloting was lead by Kevin Garnett and Lebron James, while Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony lead Western Conference players.

Lebron James who lead all players last season was overthrown by Kevin Garnett with 735,664 votes while James received 597,768 votes.

Dwight Howard leads Eastern Conference centers with 596,187 votes. Dwyane Wade received 470,921 votes and Jason Kidd received 342,468 votes.

In the Western Conference, Bryant leads all Western Conference players with 569,302 votes, with the Houston Rockets’ Tracy McGrady following him at guard (388,959). Anthony received 482,127 votes and Dirk Nowitzki 443,117 votes. The Rockets’ Yao Ming leads Western Conference centers with 439,125 votes.

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