James: no plans to talk to Cleveland management about making a deal

James said he had no plans to talk to Cleveland management about making a deal.

“We haven’t really talked about that,” he said. “I think right now our team has been very successful, not where we might have wanted to be but we finished up the first half on a good note. I haven’t gotten involved in anything, talking about trades or deadlines or anything like that.”

Trade Rumors:

According the the New York Daily, Malik Rose could be traded to the the Cavaliers because of Rose’s relationship with Cavs GM Danny Ferry, coach Mike Brown and assistant coach Hank Egan. Rose was with the aforementioned trio in San Antonio.

Jason Kidd:
The New York Post reported that the Cavaliers are interested in Jason Kidd.

“I have it on excellent authority the Cavaliers – desperate to relieve LeBron James of his playmaking-for-others-and-himself obligation, and transform him into an open court, post-up receiver – called the Nets to voice their fondness for Kidd.”

The Lakers are interested in Kidd too. They had offered a couple first-round draft picks and several expiring contracts for Kidd. Chris Mihm, Aaron McKie.

Drew Gooden to Knicks:

The New York Daily News reports that there are whispers about the Knicks making a play for Cleveland power forward Drew Gooden which will include other players for salary-cap purposes.

Scottie Pippen is attempting a comeback and he’s targeting the Cavs as a potential destination.

“I think there’s an opening for me in Cleveland. There may be an opportunity there for me at the point,” Pippen said Friday. “I know they’re a little young in that area and have a lack of experience, and I think that’s an area where I could help them as a team. I will pursue it.”

Bibby to Cavs?
The Cleveland Cavaliers and Sacramento Kings were discussing a trade several weeks ago that would send point guard Mike Bibby to the Cavs, but sources indicate the talks are long dead.

Larry Hughes not happy?
Larry Hughes is unhappy in Cleveland and looking to be traded. He privately been grumbling about the way he’s used, and he is upset because it isn’t the situation he thought he was signing up for when he left the Washington Wizards.

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