James commits to Team USA and 2008 Olympics

LeBron James has committed to playing for the U.S. team at this year’s world championships and the 2008 Olympics.
“It’s officially official in his case and I know he’s excited about it,” said Jerry Colangelo, managing director of USA Basketball. “He’s obviously one of the core guys you want because of his talent, his age, his maturity at a very young age.” Before the game, Jerry Colangelo, managing director for USA Basketball’s senior national team, visited Cleveland’s locker room just as James finished off some McDonald’s food.
Colangelo had delivered a sales pitch to James late last month. But publicly James had remained undecided. Saturday, James told Colangelo he had no reason to worry.
“He had a bad experience in Athens,” Colangelo said later. “He wasn’t happy about how things turned out, the (bronze medal) and his personal experience there. He sees this as an opportunity and he buys into representing your country and winning a gold medal.”
Said James: “I just wanted a more clear vision about what I’m getting myself into. I kind of had a vision, but I didn’t the last time and I suffered because of that. But for the most part he (Colangelo) gave me a great explanation and I feel comfortable about it.”

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