Ira Newble to receive Humanitarian Award

The 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland Inc., a chapter affiliate of The 100 Black Men of America, will present a special humanitarian award to Ira Newble on Feb. 9 at the Marriott Key Center.

Newble is among five recipients who will receive awards “for their unique levels of achievement, leadership and community involvement.”

Newble will receive his award because of his support in the fight against the genocide in Dafur, Sudan. The award humbled Newble
“I’ve never received an award like this, and I’m honored that the 100 Black Men would choose me,” Newble said. “I just really started getting involved with these type of things, and I haven’t done as much as I want to do. It’s definitely an honor that the city of Cleveland will recognize me being active in the community.”

Before Monday’s game in Miami, the Cavaliers and Heat honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an inspiration to Newble.

“His life was a tremendous inspiration,” Newble said. “Men like him made a stand for equality and peace for everyone. We honor him [Monday], and we have to continue to make significant strides so everyone can enjoy the fruits of this country.”

The 100 Black Men Of America is a men’s civic organization whose stated goal is to educate and empower black children and teens. There are about 110 chapters throughout the country. The members are volunteers and include teachers, principals, engineers and health professionals. Former New York Mayor David Dinkins and former Brooklyn Dodgers star Jackie Robinson, who integrated Major League Baseball in 1947, were two of the early members.

Source:  Cleveland.Com

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