General Managers eyeing Varejao and Ramon Sessions

According to sources, Anderson Varejao and point guard Ramon Sessions are generating interest from general mangers around the league and could be traded by the March 15 trade deadline.

Cavaliers aren’t believed to be shopping the fan favorite, but contenders looking for an energetic big man will no doubt call the rebuilding franchise with offers.

“It would have to be an unbelievable person to get back,” Scott said. “I look at him as one of the guys you look at and say, ‘He’s not going anywhere.’ I just feel he’s that valuable and feel that strongly about him and what he means to this team.”

Varejao, 29, has three more seasons on a priced-to-move deal worth $27 million. The Cavaliers likely could get a first-round pick and perhaps a young center in return from some club looking for a valuable reserve post man.

The Brazilian would have been in demand last season as well if he had not torn a tendon in his ankle in a Jan. 6 practice. With injuries piling up, Scott recalls talking of how they could ill afford to lose Varejao on Jan. 5.

“I guess I should have kept my mouth shut,” he said. “Words can’t express how good it is to have Andy on the team because of what he means to the team and what he brings.”

Varejao is averaging 9.1 points and ranks ninth in the NBA with 10.1 rebounds.

However, Varejao appears commited to the Cavaliers:

“I’m focusing on staying healthy and helping this team,” Varejao said. “Leadership is the way you act not only on the court but the way you do things during the games, after the games and before the games.”

Varejao has been a fan favorite but you might suddenly see him playing with another team while playing poker online or with your friends.


Published by Luke Ross

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