Former Spartan Snow mentoring Brown

The Lansing State Journal has a nice article about how former Spartan Eric Snow is mentoring former Spartan Shannon Brown. Both players are on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Brown hasn’t seen any playing time this postseason while Snow, a 12-year veteran, is the team’s backup point guard.
May 21, 2007, Lansing State Journal: “It’s just not my time,” Brown said. “Of course I’d like to be playing. That’s the whole goal – I play basketball. But I know my time’s coming. I can’t hang my head, I can’t pout about it.

“It’s not that I’m bad at anything, there’s just a certain level of play I need to reach. And there’s a lot of inside things that people don’t see that explain why people aren’t playing sometimes.”

“He’s probably a little disappointed in the way things have gone, but he’s taking the right approach,” said Chris Jent, a Cavs assistant coach who works closely with Brown. “The concept of defense is very important to us, and he’s come a long way in understanding how we want to defend.

“Offensively, he just needs to have focus when he gets the ball. You don’t have time to think. Cut down on dribbling and use your athleticism right away to make a play.”

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