Even With 2 Losses – CAVS Are The Real Deal

Eric Williams from BETUS.COM thinks the Cavaliers are the real deal.
“It was just a couple of days ago that I wrote my weekly NBA column and pointed out the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers should be thanking their lucky stars for the presence of general manager, Danny Ferry.
The former Cavaliers player has transformed the Cavs from “Cav-nots” (sorry, I couldn’t resist the play on words) to real Cavs in just one offseason.

Not only did Ferry acquire immensely talented shooting guard, Larry Hughes, but he followed that up by acquiring two more talented sharp-shooting veteran players in swingman Donyell Marshall and point guard Damon Jones.
Those transactions combined with the re-signing of center Zydrunas Ilgauskas and reemergence of enigmatic power forward, Drew Gooden, have the Cavs looking like contenders for the eastern conference crown. Oh, by the way. Did I mention that the Cavs still have the best young player on the planet in LeBron James? James, who is one part MJ and one part Magic, has already learned a valuable lesson that it took Jordan years to learn – and one that Kobe Bryant is just learning – you need to have competent teammates (not outstanding) that you can trust to help make certain plays during the course of any game. Of course, James, like MJ, can take over at any time he wants but that is beside the point”.

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