Earning Respect

James was asked Friday if he thought not getting foul calls had something to do with his and his team’s respect level compared with the Pistons. He proceeded to go off on a bit of a tangent.

“You call this playoff basketball, I do the best I can do and hopefully we get some respect at some point,” James said.

“I have a great team, and out of 30 teams we’re still here. You know, no one ever looks at that, they just look at, hey, we had an easy run, we played a team in Washington that was depleted and we played a team in New Jersey that had no inside presence, but it’s never the Cavs won these ballgames. It’s never that. Whenever anybody else wins, they did a great job of executing, they did a great job of winning ballgames down the stretch. But when we win it’s like the other team was depleted or they didn’t do a great job of making things happen. It’s just we have to earn respect. I don’t know how we do that, but I guess you do it by winning, and we’ve done nothing but win in this postseason.”

Source: Akron Beacon Journal 

Published by Luke Ross

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