David Stern at the Q

David Stern, the NBA commisioner watched the Cavaliers beat the Nets at the Q last night.

Stern has been making the rounds during the playoffs. He already has visited Utah, Golden State, Denver, Washington, Toronto, Detroit and New Jersey.

Stern sat down with reporters before the game started and answered questions.

“This is a great ownership group” he said. “the court, the building, the community, the practice facility. This is a great ownership group, and Cleveland is back. It’s very exciting for us.”
This year, after Golden Stated beat Dallas, some have suggested that the league re-seed after each round of the playoffs. But that idea was shot down by Stern.

“You’d have to stop and wait for all four series to be over,” he said. “The fans wouldn’t like it. The teams wouldn’t like it. But I’m positive [ESPN personality Tony] Kornheiser would like it.”

Published by Luke Ross

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