Daniel Gibson Ready For Action

Daniel Gibson thinks he is ready to play tonight against the Hornets. He has been doing drills up and down the floor to test his left ankle which he injured back in Feb. 20th.

“I competed in every drill up and down the floor. It felt good. So if you ask me, I’ll tell them that I’m ready to play.”

“I wasn’t hesitant today. I made a couple of shots, played some good defense and was still having fun,” he said. ”It’s 10 levels past anxious. I’m just looking forward to it just being able to play basketball”

It’s up to the coach Mike Brown to make that decision and how he will uses him remain unknown.

“He practiced today for the first time in a while and he didn’t come out, so I think he did everything all the contact stuff, obviously all of the noncontact stuff,” Brown said.

Gibson hasn’t played with the new guys since the trade.

“Today was a lot of fun. I know how LeBron felt when we got those guys,” Gibson said. “That new burst of energy and life. That’s the way I felt today being able to play with those guys today for the first time.”

Published by Luke Ross

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