Dan Gilbert Rips Media

The Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert answered questions during a press conference today around the speculations that Lebron James will leave Cleveland in 2010.

“It’s kind of an insult to the city of Cleveland in my opinion — an insult to the Midwest,” said Gilbert.

He said, Lebron gave no indication that he will leave after his contract expire in two years and that’s not the focus of the team right now.

“I think we’re going to compete for a championship in the next year or two and we’ll worry about that summer when it comes.” Gilbert said.

The speculation about Lebron leaving Cleveland is nothing more than conjecture from bored sports reporters.

“People in your profession are very bored on both sides of the country. There’s no basketball going on so they write this stuff,” Gilbert said.

Published by Luke Ross

Luke Ross, is the founder of CavsNews.com. Luke grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Luke arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.

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