Cavs Cruise to 2-0 Seies Lead

Are we sure the winner of the Kentucky Derby wasn’t named “Cleveland” because that’s exactly what the thoroughbred Cleveland Cavaliers looked liked in game 2 jumping out of the gates and never looking back.

The Cavaliers racked up an insurmountable 59-35 halftime lead, capped off by a pull-up three by LeBron James just inside of half-court, on their way to a remarkable 105-85 beat down of the Atlanta Hawks. If it’s even possible, the Cavs seem to be getting stronger and stronger with each game they play. The entire starting rotation was benched after the 3rd quarter as the Cavs point total at that mark tied the eventual total of the Hawks throughout the entire game(85).

LeBron James scored 27 (9-14) , Mo Williams had 15 (5-11), Delonte West 14 (5-10), Anderson Varejao (6-9) scored 12, and the only starter in single digits Zydrunas Ilgauskas added 6 (3-6) and keep in mind all in 3 periods. The second unit played the entire 4th quarter giving up 30 points to the Hawks and losing 10 points off their 30 point spread but they were playing hard. Plus this gives younger players like Darnell Jackson valuable playoff experience in case of injuries or foul trouble later down the line. Wally Szczerbiak scored 17 (7-9), several off powerful low post moves and even a rare jam off of a stellar behind the back pass from James on a fast break run-out.

Yet there was a scare for Cleveland in the 3rd quarter as Delonte West was poked in the eye by Hawk Zaza Pachulia and he did not return, but possibly just because of the Cavs huge lead. And to go from bad to worse for the Hawks, who are already missing Al Horford and Marvin Williams(combined 25 points and 15 rebounds per game )their All-Star Joe Johnson twisted his ankle and is considered doubtful for game 3 Saturday night at Atlanta’s Phillips Arena.

The Cavaliers are now only the 2nd team in NBA history to win their 1st 6 playoff games by double digits(18.2), and 94% of all teams leading a best of 7 series 2-0 eventually win the series.

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Luke Ross, is the founder of Luke grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Luke arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.

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