Cavaliers lose to Hornets

The Cavaliers lost a close game, 100-99 to arguably one of the best teams in the West in front of a sellout crowd of 20,562.  David West sank an open 17 footer, a result of another assist from Chris Paul to capture their fifth consecutive victory and 10 of their past 12 games.  Cavalier’s center Ilgauskas was 13-19 for 29 points and 15 rebounds. 

Cavalier head coach Mike Brown on the game:

“We played a good team. Chris Paul is an amazing talent. His shots weren’t going down tonight being, but he still found a way to impact the basketball game with his 20 assists. I thought where we got hurt, we weren’t solid defensively. I thought the first half we turned the ball over quite a bit. Then we cleaned that up offensively in the second half by being more solid moving the ball. Defensively, I thought we weren’t good following the game plan. Our game plan discipline was not good as a team and it cost us especially down the stretch.”

LeBron James on Chris Paul:

“That’s why he’s the best point guard in the league. He puts his team in the best opportunity to win ballgames. He gives them a confidence that a lot of guys didn’t give them before they played well.”

New Orleans head coach Byron Scott on LeBron’s layup to take the lead:

“We wanted to send him (James)another way, but then, when you get beat, I think the thing our guys get a little fear of is putting him on the line and it’s an ‘and one.’ We knew it just put us down by one, we had plenty of time to get a good shot on the other end. They’re All-Stars, their superstar (James): made a great play and our All-Stars, CP and David, made great plays.”

Chris Paul on Lebron James:

“It’s funny because me and LeBron are like brothers. We talk all the time during the season, so I knew when the fourth quarter came, he was going to start guarding me because he hates to see me come off ball screens and stuff like that. That last play, I thought of just being aggressive, trying to get into the lane. Once I got in there, I called David West, the ’17-foot assassin.’ I knew he would be somewhere behind me, so when I saw him, I was like ‘thank goodness.’ When we are in that situation, if he makes it, it’s great, we win. If he misses it, we still got a great shot.”

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