Cavaliers in High Definition?

Smizik reports that FOX Sports Net Pittsburgh will carry a schedule of Cleveland Cavaliers games the rest of this season, with the feed coming from Cavaliers TV outlet FOX Sports Net Ohio. Smizik says that FSN Pittsburgh will pick up 12 Cavs games from its Ohio sister network starting on January 27th, and “six of the games will be carried in high definition”.

Now, If you get HDTV then you know FSN Ohio has never aired a Cavaliers’ game (or any event) in HDTV and I haven’t seen an announcement for such an event anywhere. Can someone confirm this?

The closest we got so far to watching the Cavaliers in HDTV is when the game is on ESPN (and only some of the games). TNT broadcast in HDTV but Adelphia for unknown reason still doesn’t carry TNT HD.

Just imagine watching every Cavaliers’ game in High Definition!

Sources: OMW and NBA Journal

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