Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 3 Bullets

Expect to see a different Lebron James tonight when the Cavaliers face the Celtics for game 3 of the East semi finals. Lebron James set records of ineffectiveness the past two games. He shot 8-for-42 and his19-percent average is the worst for the first two games of a series by a player with 30 attempts […]

Expectations are high for the Cavaliers

Lebron James was very excited to win the first playoffs series three years ago. That’s when Damon James hit the winning shot against the Wizards and Lebron James tackled and the rest of the players followed. ”My first year I was excited I was able to finally get there,” James said. ”Winning a playoff series […]

Darius Songaila suspended for hitting Lebron

Reserve forward Darius Songaila was suspended by the NBA today for Game 6 tonight for hitting LeBron James in the face with his hand. Songaila participated in Washington’s shootaround at its arena Friday morning, before the league announced the suspension. He made contact with James’ face in the first quarter of Washington’s 88-87 win over […]

Game 6: Cavaliers to try again to finish the Wizards

Cavaliers fan were excited and ready to celebrate a Cavalier win last Wednesday. That didn’t happen and tonight the Cavaliers will try again. Reasons to be optimistic about thonight’s game: 1- In the past two postseasons, Cleveland has eliminated the Wizards at Verizon Center 2- The Cavaliers have failed to close at home last year […]

Tree Rollins – His Bite is Worse Than His Bark

I’m tryin’ to see the forest but there’s this one tree –Reuben Studdard In 1987, Curry Kirkpatrick, writing for Sports Illustrated, reflected on a memorable 1983 Hawks-Celtic Playoffs fight. Tree Rollins elbowed Danny Ainge; Danny made the mistake of tackling Tree; one tetanus shot and a permanently reduced ability to give anyone the finger later, […]