Cavaliers In-Game Events


When What
November 2nd vs. New Orleans 7:00 p.m. Wine Cavaliers T-shirt and light-up necklace presented by Quicken Loans
Cavaliers schedule magnet presented by Ticketmaster
November 9th vs. Seattle 7:00 p.m LeBron James Bobble head presented by KeyBank
November 11th vs. Memphis 8:00 p.m. Cavaliers Team Poster presented by The Jim Giltner AXA Financial Group
November 15th vs. Washington 7:00 p.m. Larry Hughes Bobble head presented by Quicken Loans
Cavaliers Team Poster presented by The Jim Giltner AXA Financial Group
November 26th vs. Minnesota 7:30 p.m. Kids Day – KeyBank Post game Free Throws
November 30th vs. L.A. Clippers 7:00 p.m. Tall Z Bobble head


When What
December 13th vs. Atlanta 7:00 p.m. LeBron James T-shirt presented by Cleveland Clinic
December 20th vs. Utah 7:00 p.m. Cavaliers Mr. Potato Head presented by Quicken Loans
December 23rd vs. Indiana 8:00 p.m. Blue Christmas Night
December 31st vs. Detroit 1:30 p.m. Kids Day – KeyBank Post game Free Throws


When What
January 5th vs. Houston 8:00 p.m. Asian Cultural Celebration
January 10th vs. New York 7:00 p.m. Cavaliers Winter Cap presented by Quicken Loans
January 24th vs. Indiana 7:00 p.m. MLK Tribute Night presented by ALLTEL
January 29th vs. Phoenix 1:00 p.m. Kids Day – KeyBank Post game Free Throws


When What
February 1st vs. New Jersey 7:00 p.m. 80’s Night
February 4th vs. Philadelphia 7:30 p.m. Kids Day – KeyBank Post game Free Throws
Monday, February 6th vs. Milwaukee 7:00 p.m. LeBron James McFarlane Figure presented by Opti-Free Express available at Rite Aid
February 11th vs. Golden State 7:30 p.m. Black Heritage Celebration (College Alumni Night) presented by ALLTEL
February 13th vs. San Antonio 7:00 p.m. Black Heritage Celebration (Gospel Night) presented by ALLTEL
February 21st vs. Orlando 7:00 p.m. Brazilian Carnival Night. Anderson Varejao Wig presented by Quicken Loans
February 24th vs. Washington 7:30 p.m. Black Heritage Celebration (Professionals Night) presented by ALLTEL


When What
March 1st vs. Sacramento 7:00 p.m. Spring Break Night
Sunday, March 5th vs. Chicago 7:00 p.m. LeBron James Poster presented by The Jim Giltner AXA Financial Group
Sunday, March 19th vs. L.A. Lakers 1:00 p.m. Kids Day – KeyBank Post game Free Throws
March 22nd vs. Charlotte 7:00 p.m. Cavaliers Homecoming


When What
April 13th vs. New York 8:00 p.m. Kids Day – KeyBank Post game Free Throws
April 19th vs. Atlanta 7:00 p.m. Fan Appreciation Night presented by Cingular Wireless

Town Hall With Danny Ferry

Fans are invited to attend town hall meeting with cavs GM Danny Ferry at The Q on Thursday, September 29th at 5:00 p.m.

The event is open to the public and will take place on the Quicken Loans Arena main floor from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Following the Town Hall Meeting, fans can shoot hoops on the Cavs court,

Ferry will give an update on the 2005-06 Cavs as they get ready to head into training camp next week.

Cavaliers Unable To Settle On A Backup Center

The club has signed Jahidi White, Obinna Ekezie and Zendon Hamilton to non-guaranteed contracts and the three will compete for the spot in training camp starting next week, Brian Windhorst reported.

The Cavs had been speaking with White, who averaged 2.5 points and 2.0 rebounds for the Charlotte Bobcats last season, for weeks. Ultimately, though, they decided not to give him a guaranteed contract.

Pre Season – Who Is Up First

While it is only pre season, we can’t wait for it to all begin. The latest poll from and 1170 respondents answered the question: How will the Cavaliers fare in the preseason?

8-0 21%
7-1 11%
6-2 35%
5-3 20%
4-4 8%
3-5 2%
2-6 0%
1-7 0%
0-8 3%

The fun starts on October 10th against the Washington Wizards.

Wizards Roster
2005-06 Roster
0 Gilbert Arenas G 6-3 191 01/06/1982 Arizona 4
7 Chucky Atkins G 5-11 160 08/14/1974 South Florida 6
2 Steve Blake (FA) G 6-3 172 02/26/1980 Maryland 2
32 Andray Blatche F 6-11 235 08/22/1986 South Kent Prep (CT) R
52 Calvin Booth C 6-11 231 05/07/1976 Penn State 6
10 Damone Brown F 6-8 202 06/28/1979 Syracuse 4
3 Caron Butler F 6-7 217 03/13/1980 Connecticut 3
6 Antonio Daniels G 6-4 205 03/19/1975 Bowling Green 8
15 Hiram Fuller F 6-9 240 05/13/1981 Fresno State 1
24 Jarvis Hayes G-F 6-8 220 08/09/1981 Georgia 2
33 Brendan Haywood C 7-0 266 11/27/1979 North Carolina 4
4 Antawn Jamison F 6-9 235 06/12/1976 North Carolina 7
1 Jared Jeffries F 6-11 236 11/25/1981 Indiana 3
8 Anthony Peeler G 6-4 208 11/25/1969 Missouri 13
34 Peter Ramos C 7-3 290 05/23/1985 Puerto Rico 1
51 Michael Ruffin C-F 6-8 248 01/21/1977 Tulsa 5
21 Donell Taylor G 6-4 180 07/26/1982 Alabama-Birmingham R
36 Etan Thomas C 6-10 260 04/01/1978 Syracuse

Longest piece of biblical scripture tattooed on Larry Hughes

At his favorite St. Louis tattoo parlor, Hughes asked his friend Nate to engrave all six verses of Psalm 23 across his torso from neck to navel. To save time and considerable pain, Nate suggested they simply highlight the most pertinent passage. Therefore, on his left upper arm Hughes now exhibits the words: “Though I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Death, I Shall Fear No Man.”

Hughes already have a collection of 15 tattoos, including Silky Smooth, Boogie Down, Quiet Storm, Magician, and Grim Reaper.