It Has Been Fun, But It’s Time For us To Get Help

“Ferry, get us some help”. That is what I told Danny Ferry when accidentally ran into him when I was walking out of the arena last night. He didn’t look happy at all as well as 20,000+ fans that were starving for a win in their first NBA Finals. The Cavs died hard, they tried to earn some respect by […]

Is It Over?

The series will come to Cleveland Tuesday night, the same place where just two weeks ago we saw the Cavs enter a Game 3 down 2-0. The same place we witnessed the Cavaliers enter Game 3 down 2-0 to the Pistons last year after the Pistons handled the Cavaliers with two big victories in their […]

NBA finals financially boost Cleveland

AM.R. KROPKO Associated Press Writer  tells us:  A hand-painted message on the window at Flannery’s Pub says it all: “We Believe.” Fans have faith in the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are playing the franchise’s first NBA finals. But pub manager Christine Connell also believes dollars and brews are about to flow as fast as a LeBron […]

Strickland bears witness

Mark Naymik writes for Cleveland.Com: In Cleveland’s version of the Gospel of the Chosen One, it is fitting that an Ohio preacher have a role.  Gov. Ted Strickland bears witness to the beauty of the giant LeBron James banner, which he vowed will stay put. Gov. Ted Strickland, an ordained Methodist minister, pledged Wednesday to […]

Cavaliers’ James ready to go global

Kevin Ding, Register columnist for the NBA writes: The globe is ready. Wouldn’t it be great if the icon is, too? LeBron James’ goal is to become a “global icon.” With 205 countries watching live on TV and Nike geared up with its reverential “We Are All Witnesses” ad campaign, James takes his first explosive […]