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NBA Experts: Spurs Will Win It!

No one expects the Cavaliers to win this series, except for Cavaliers fans(most of them) and Dick Vital. ESPN’s Dick Vitale picked them to win in seven games. That would shock the NBA. You are talking about the Cavaliers winning

Michael Jordan On Lebron James

Jordan had a one-on-one interview with the Chicago Tribune before his Jordan Suzuki motorcycle racing team took the race track. The interview took on a wide range of topics including Lebron James, Kobe, Scottie Pippen, and his new team, the

NBA Finals, Position by Position Comparison

Brian Mahoney, AP Basketball Writer, look at the matchups in the NBA finals and give you a position-by-position breakdown. “SMALL FORWARD: Bruce Bowen vs. LeBron James. Bowen is one of the NBA’s top perimeter defenders and has agitated a number

Detroit Gone Fishing – Cavaliers Going To The Finals

This is courtesy of the TNT guys (Ernie, Kenny, Charles).

Eastern Conference Champions

Cavaliers Fans, we are going to the NBA finals, yes this one is for real. I am still trying to digest what happened last night. After fighting the Indians and Cavs traffic, we were able to make it to the

Cavaliers Will Try to Make History Tonight

Tonight could be a special night for the Cavaliers. A win tonight will give the Cavaliers their first trip in team history to the NBA Finals. A win tonight will make the Cavaliers just the third team in NBA history

The King Ruled The Palace

If you missed this game last night, then you better find someone who TiVo’d it or have it on a video tape, otherwise you will want to wait for EPSN Classic to air this game, and they will for many

Larry Hughes Will Try To Play Tonight

Larry Hughes will attempt to play through the pain tonight in Game 5. Hughes said at the morning shootaround that he expects to go through the same pre-game therapy routine, including the cortisone shot, and he will re-evaluate his need