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Game Winning Shots, Kobe or Lebron

Sun, Feb 8, 2009 By

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Lebron James or Kobe BryantHow many times did we hear that when the game is on the line, who would you want on your team to take that last second shot? And often Bryant gets credit for his clutch play.

But a new report by the popular NBA stats Web site 82games.com suggests otherwise.

According to the Web site, and their definition of a game winning shot, “24 seconds or less left in the game, team with the ball is either tied or down by 1 to 2 points.” Kobe Bryant made 14 or 56 (.250) where Lebron James is 17 of 50 (.340).

LeBron James was just 4-19 in their previous look at game winning shots, so in the ensuing two and a half seasons, he has come up with a very respectable 13-31 (.419) record and just the other day had a pure game winner at the buzzer to top the Warriors. In addition he has six assists and a healthy number of free throws earned 14-20.

Kobe Bryant is #4 in the league in total game winners hit, however he holds the top spot in a less glamorous category: most game winning opportunity missed shots with 42. Lebron James comes third in that category with 33 missed shots.

In playoffs, Kobe and Lebron are both 4-8 (.500).

“Ultimately though while this kind of thing is fun, it’s not to my mind particularly meaningful, other than indicating that the league as a whole could probably get more efficient in “end game” possessions” Roland Beech of 82games.com suggests. “one easy place to start might be to try and be less predictable! It’s nice to have a go-to guy, but when the other team knows without much doubt that a certain guy is getting the ball, it is going to be a lot easier to defend! ”

If we look at the assist numbers, Lebron James lead the league with 6 while Kobe is only 1.So if you want to add his assists to his makes, then make that 23/50 (.46) which is AMAZING.

This is where giving the ball to Lebron James in the last position can be very dangerous to the opposing team because if he can’t take the last shot, he will find an open teammate that can.

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Tariq Ali, is the founder of CavsNews.com. Tariq grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Tariq arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.

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9 Responses to “Game Winning Shots, Kobe or Lebron”

  1. Joe says:

    To whoever wrote this, you can’t just add stats together, sorry.

    “If we look at the assist numbers, Lebron James lead the league with 6 while Kobe is only 1.So if you want to add his assists to his makes, then make that 23/50 (.46) which is AMAZING.”

    So if a player is 4/10 on GW shots, but also had 8 assists in that time period, he would be 12/10, or 120%? You can’t just add assists to a players FGs because that doesn’t take into account FGAs or Assists that-Never-Were (ex: LJ passes to Mo and Mo misses).

  2. martin says:

    Kobe is just the better player and more talented.

    Lebron is bigger and stronger. He is basically like the foward version of Shaq.

    So it depends what your team needs. A dominant force like Lebron who can’t be stopped. Or a MJ type of player in Kobe.

    There is no wrong answer.

    But the debate is stupid. People act like they are comparing like players.

    Its like comparing Jordan to Magic. What do you need? Who is to say what is better? A PG who makes everyone better or killer scoring and defender. Both can win titles.

  3. DARRYL T says:

    Nov. 11, 1984 vs. Indiana, 118-116
    Dec. 7, 1984 vs. New York, 95-93
    March 26, 1985 vs. Indiana, 120-119
    April 24, 1985 vs. Milwaukee, 109-107
    Oct. 25, 1985 vs. Cleveland, 116-115
    Nov. 11, 1986 vs. Atlanta, 112-110
    Nov. 21, 1986 vs. New York, 101-99
    Feb. 12, 1988 vs. Milwaukee, 95-93
    April 3, 1988 vs. Detroit, 112-110
    April 15, 1988 vs. New Jersey, 100-99
    Feb. 16, 1989 vs. Milwaukee, 117-116
    May 7, 1989 vs. Cleveland, 101-100
    May 19, 1989 vs. New York, 113-111
    May 27, 1989 vs. Detroit, 99-97
    Nov. 13, 1990 vs. Utah, 84-82
    Jan. 22, 1992 vs. Charlotte, 115-112
    Nov. 11, 1992 vs. Detroit, 98-96 (OT)
    May 17, 1993 vs. Cleveland, 103-101
    March 25, 1995 vs. Atlanta, 99-98
    Feb. 11, 1997 vs. Charlotte, 103-100
    March 18, 1997 vs. Seattle, 89-87 (OT)
    June 1, 1997 vs. Utah, 84-82
    February 13, 1998 vs. Atlanta, 112-110
    March 22, 1998 vs. Toronto, 102-100
    June 14, 1998 vs. Utah, 87-86
    12/27/99: Lakers 108 – Mavericks 106
    02/13/00: Lakers 113 – Nets 110
    05/10/00: Lakers 97 – Phoenix 96
    06/14/00: Lakers 120 – Pacers 118
    11/16/00: Lakers 112 – Kings 110
    02/07/01: Lakers 85 – Phoenix 83
    01/02/02: Lakers 87 – Nuggets 86
    02/22/02: Lakers 96 – Hornets 94
    03/24/02: Lakers 97 – Kings 96
    05/12/02: Lakers 87 – Spurs 85
    12/06/02: Lakers 105 – Mavericks 103
    04/04/03: Lakers 102 – Grizzlies 101
    04/06/03: Lakers 115 – Suns 113
    02/17/04: Lakers 89 – Blazers 86
    02/19/04: Lakers 101 – Nuggets 99
    03/03/04: Lakers 95 – Rockets 93
    03/21/04: Lakers 104 – Bucks 103
    04/14/04: Lakers 105 – Blazers 104
    03/13/05: Lakers 117 – Bobcats 116
    11/02/05: Lakers 99 – Nuggets 97
    12/04/05: Lakers 99 – Bobcats 98
    01/07/06: Lakers 112 – Clippers 109
    01/12/06: Lakers 99 – Cavaliers 98
    04/30/06: Lakers 99 – Suns 98
    KOBE 24 JORDAN 25, BUT WAIT………………….
    THIS STOPS IN 2006
    kobe hits a game winners against the pacers in 2009
    kobe hits a game winning 3 in houston
    jordan 27= kobe 29



  4. NBA smart. says:

    yea kobe is still in all minds the best dagger player in the leauge today he still has that number 1 clutch fade away jumper and he still has the killer instinct to know when the game is on the line what he needs 2 do 2 get the best shot at the best possible moment and even if you miss the shot it still counts to you got the best shot option you had

  5. NBA smart. says:

    oh and to whoever wrote this yea no you need to get your stats fixed because lebron has only hit 16 games winners and kobe has hit 28 game winners (not counting the sacriminto shot)

  6. Jose Bacardi says:

    The dude dont have to get his stats fixed, because they are accurate,lol. LeBron Has been in the leauge 6 years, and with in that time has a better percentage, and made more game winners then Kobe. That means at 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 LeBron Made more then Kobe at age, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30. I thought thats the time when players hit thier peak.LOL, it’s no debate anymore, LeBron is better then Kobe, and everyone knows it in the back of there minds.

  7. Jose Bacardi says:

    And it’s from 2003 until present slow poke. If that was the case and kobe has 28 in 12 seasons, and LeBron has 16 in 6, that means he is far ahead of Kobe, just like in everything else. LOL, you guys make me laugh when you try to discredit stats.

  8. Jose Bacardi says:

    I do think he is in peoples minds as the clutchest and the one guy you would want to take the last shot. However, I dont. Because he only shoots .250 in those situations, which is pretty dang crappy, actually they are the worst in the leauge,lol.

  9. Jason says:

    What really makes me laugh is their ‘cavs fans’ definition of a game winner. A game winner is a game winner, period. How can u redefine what that means? Any shot within the last 24 seconds that you hit if your team is down by 2 or less is a game winner if your lebron even if kobe comes down to hit a GAME WINNER on him? I can’t believe lebron is even in the same conversation as Kobe when it comes to game winners….sickening

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