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Bucks Shopping Michael Redd

Thu, May 22, 2008 By

NBA Rumors

The Milwaukee Bucks are looking to unload some of their players and gauging the interest other teams may have in their players, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

Michael Redd and forward Charlie Villanueva are drawing a lot of interest from other teams.

“In the last week, several officials from both the Eastern and Western Conferences acknowledged the Bucks have been gauging the interest other teams may have in some of their players. The most notable one is All-Star shooting guard Michael Redd.”

Redd’s contract is huge. He will make $15.78 million and $17.04M over the next two years, respectively. Also, his contract has a player option for $18.30M for the 2010-2011 season.

The Cavaliers were interested in Redd two years ago but they ended up with Hughes who is now with the Bulls.

Should the Cavaliers go after Redd? What do you think?

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21 Responses to “Bucks Shopping Michael Redd”

  1. rev says:

    if red was smart he would had came to detroit last year we have always been interested in him, and probaly still is his salary would have too be reduce 2 mill but he’ll get a chance to get two rings (but he is from ohio) and every player like a chance to play in their own state, but even then he would have to take a reduction in pay even more than he would with detroit

  2. Brian says:

    I’m not shore who that was but this is about the Cavs not Detroit? How would Hamilton feel being a back-up? …. This is all about who they give up for him. Are they cutting salarie or a mix of young and expiring contracts? Yes we should get him but in Mike Browns O he may not shoot well? It is a lot of money, I’d look over the league for another option first!

  3. Tom says:

    Why would brew town trade redd to the cavs. They are in the same division! The new gm would not be that stupid to overload the cavs.

  4. doug says:

    the bucks arent going anywhere soon.verjeo illgauskas and next years pick for mr redd. the two home grown kids will get that trophy!! sav

  5. Austin says:

    Get him. I dont care about his contract being so high the Cavs need to stop worrying about if LeBron will be leaving. GIVE HIM HELP NOW!!! Redd is maybe the best complimentary player 4 LeBron.

    Andy varejao Wally Z Damon and next years 1st rounder 4 Mr. REDD.

  6. Ross Mondell says:

    please redd will be a cav!!!!! Pistons u suck to much to have a player of that status!!

  7. Lars says:

    I would love to see Redd here in Cleveland . I like the Andy tade but in no way do we get rid of Z .Z is one of the best offensive rebounders in the game . Z is here to stay, he is a Cav for life , if we are so lucky . Wally , Damon, Andy , thats about all I would consider. This team is a player away. Thanks to Boozer

  8. Cameron says:

    R u serious(Austin) on tradin Z? so u’re one of those fans who think that if u hav 2 stars(lebron and Redd) a championship is gona fall in ur hands? please, we trade wally, varajeao and sasha. Nobody try to tell me that sash is good.

  9. Akshar Patel says:

    Trading for Michael Redd, in my opinion, would solidy the Cavaliers as a favorite to win the title. Along with that, this could also mean the start of a dynasty, yes, a dynasty. LeBron James has proven he can take a team of no-namers to the Finals. Add an all-star caliber talent like Redd who can shoot lights out, and this team is on the cupse of greatness. We would have to dump some decent talent like Anderson, Wally, and possibly Bobbie, but I think it is worth it. A starting lineup of West, Redd, James, Wallace/Smith, and Z, and with a bench of Sasha, Wallace/Smith, Damon Jones, the 19th pick, and maybe sign a couple of guys. If i was Ferry, I try to make this deal work.

  10. christopher says:

    Just FYI for all you fans so ready to trade away our first round pick this year…can’t happen. it is an NBA rule that you may not have no picks in the first round in back to back years….if this acquistion is going to happen, its not until January or February when our expiring contracts will be much more appealing.

    in addition, to anyone out their instantly handing the title to the cavs if they carry lebron and redd…your dreaming. The NBA carries way to much talent for lebron and redd to simply walk up and say “we’d like our title now please”. All the title winners of the recent years carry 3 or more legitamite all-stars with complementing role-players.

    The key is CONSISTENCY…you think Lebron wants one title and then he’s perfectly fine staying here in cleveland? Probabaly not…his favorite teams i.e Cowboys, Yankees, Bulls <—DYNASTYS. Redd is a great piece to the puzzle, but there is more work needed.

    and if you trade Z…who’s starting center?? Ben or Andy?? (sure hope not)

    sorry Akshar…this team is on the cuspe of falling flat on its face. The finals year we were playing WAY over our heads and you know it.

    we are on the verge of ALOT of expiring contracts..Ferry plays his cards right and we could be sitting pretty when it matters in two years.

  11. austin says:

    you are dumb why would we give z and andy for redd and why would they take that they want expiring contracts

  12. austin says:

    4 players for 1 and a first rounder that is stupid and Z’s contract is to big they’re trying to unload money not gain it you are dumb

  13. austin says:

    chris is right also we could get jermaine oneal and redd then we got our 2-25 rings

  14. luke says:

    u gota think the bucks are having trouble with them wanting redd and redd doesnt want to be there if the cavs propose a ligitimate offer they might take it and try to make something happen with guys who want to be there

  15. LordNoga says:

    Michael Redd and Charlie V to the Cavs for Varejao, Sczerbiak, Snow’s contract, and either Pavlovic and/or Damon Jones. Possibly throw in next year’s pick. This is very plausible because Varejao and Pavlovic would fit in nice at Milwaukee. The want cap space so taking Jones, Snow, and/or Sczerbiak will give them plenty of room next year. Or maybe just Redd for Varejao, Sczerbiak, Snow’s contract and a pick. If Milwaukee isn’t too scared to give Redd to the Cavs, then I think they will do it. If the Cavs do get this deal done, then they will win the championship. Redd will average 25-30 pts with all the open looks he gets because they are double and triple teaming Lebron, and Redd will make most of those shots. One other option will be a package of Varejao and Gibson, but I really think the Cavs will not part with Gibson.

  16. LordNoga says:

    Also the Cavs will not trade Z, you guys are stupid for even suggesting that. O’neal is not coming to the Cavs, I could’ve told you that months ago. I guess this is what you get for blogging on a sports page with such highly intelligent fans. Especially ones from Detroit, those are the smartest.

  17. Narspena says:

    trade wally,Devin, hickson, an draft pick for Redd…
    Cant Trade Ilgauskas…
    hes our only big that can score…
    i dont think we want wallace shooting that 17 footer….

  18. anthony says:

    i say we trade pathetic wally, Andy, sasha, 1st round pick and boobie, Redds more consistent than Gibson. Nxt 5 will be Bron, z, ben, Redd, Dwest, thats a championship lineup right there.

  19. Dave says:

    What would have to happen to get Ben Gordon as a cheaper version of Redd? Gordon can make wide open 3s as well as Redd and he would come at a much better price. Unfortunately, the Bulls have ZERO interest in Andy due to Noah and Thomas. I think the Bulls would give up Gordon in a sign and trade for some cap space via a contract like Snow’s. thoughts?

  20. Mike says:

    They need to trade Z his game is done. Wow he can offensive rebound and hit the jumper in the least important games. His defense is WEAK trade him. If lebron doesn’t get help we are doomed cavs will never be able to recover if we lose him.

  21. david orte says:

    trade ben wallace, he is horrible he cant make a free throw remember the playoffs when he airballed a free throw!!!! big Z has good range hes hit 5 3 pointers this season and is leading the east centers in votes by over 200 votes

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