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LeBron James to play lawyer in latest commercial

Wed, Mar 26, 2008 By

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LeBron James filmed a TV commercial on Tuesday for VitaminWater in which he plays the role of a defense attorney trying to win a case.  Early in his pro career, James signed an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola, which purchased Glaceau, maker of VitaminWater, last year for $4.1 billion.
James has always felt comfortable in front of the camera.  He sipped ”Energy” one of VitaminWater’s 15 flavors for each take before smoothly hitting his marks during the taping.
After arriving on the set and being touched up by his personal stylist, James greeted the commercial’s crew and extras, who had been rehearsing most of the day while waiting for the NBA’s leading scorer.
”What’s up, judge?” James said, flashing a thumbs-up to the black robed extra.
”What’s up, cop?” he said to the bailiff.
About a half hour before James arrived, a member of the production crew picked up a bullhorn to remind those on the set not to ask for the 23-year-old’s autograph.

Source: CBS4.Com

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2 Responses to “LeBron James to play lawyer in latest commercial”

  1. Eric says:

    Hmmm… Lebron dressed up as a lawyer.What commercial is this for?The man is a superstar .A beast on the court and has just as much endorsements as Peyton Manning.Well, almost as much .

  2. GFO says:

    You are right! The commercial is for VitaminWater, part of his the endorsement contract he signed with Coke, since they purchased Glaceau, maker of VitaminWater, last year for $4.1 billion.

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